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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Tell me why Price would sign a contract right now.

It will get signed in the offseason, just like everyone else.

Price knows damn well that the organization is behind him, haven't they proven that enough times already?
It adds security for himself, doesn't have to worry about getting injured for a long time, doesn't have to think about contract negotiations during short stints of bad peformances, basically his financial future is set the day he signs his next contract (that's very valuable).

If he has made a decision that he wants to settle here, no reason he couldn't sign right now. Like some guy said, you hand him the contract and he fills the lines himself already. Sure if he won the Hart/Cup his theorical value would be even higher, but do you think there's a team who would handle an 8m+ offer sheet for a goalie ?

IF he doesn't want to sign long term, then play it hardball like Lombardi with Doughty. If he only wants 5 years or less at least get a great cap hit so we can sign as many guys to surround him as we can for the years that remain. But that would be disastrous.

Originally Posted by NHLcrazy View Post
Knowing how the Canadiens management works he will sign after the season is over of course and it will a short contract...2 years 11M$, maybe 3 years 18M$.
That would be boldly ridiculous. I think a 2 years contract puts him UFA. If they sign something this stupidly short like 3-4 or even 5 years they better sign him for ****IN cheap because once that contract over, the rebuild is starting. And we all know that the word "rebuild" has never been used in any habs management meeting ever.

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