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Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
I've heard that argument, but Winnipeg to the Central makes no sense geographically. Plus, there are 3 teams (Detroit, Columbus & Nashville) who want out of the Central and 2 other teams (Dallas & Minnesota) who want in.

The Jets aren't going to argue as long as they're out of the Southeast, and they could care less if they're in either the Northwest or Central next year; preferably, I'd think they would choose the Northwest. I can't see the league putting an indifferent team (Jets) in the Central over Minnesota and Dallas who are vying for the same spot.

To me, putting the Jets in the Central would be almost as bad as keeping them in the Southeast. Travel distance would be terrible, but they would be in the correct time-zone.

It would be interesting to get opinions from Dallas and Winnipeg fans, though.

I like this layout, but everything gets tricky when playoffs come into the picture. (Thankfully, we wouldn't be playing "Future-Edmonton")
I don't like how the east is split in that. People keep making a big deal about Detroit being "promised" to go east, but they either don't know or ignore the fact that Columbus was promised that first (when the expansion team was approved).

My proposal has Detroit stay with Chicago in the central (Detroit doesn't care about playing east coast teams, they just don't want the west coast games) and Columbus meeting Pittsburgh in the southeast. Otherwise the west stays the same:

Southeast: CBJ, PIT, PHI, WSH, CAR, TBL, FLA

Columbus finally gets paired with their nearest opponent (Pittsburgh to Columbus is like Duluth to St. Paul). The Pennsylvania teams stay together. Washington is no longer the lone high profile team in a low attendance division and gets to be with Pittsburgh. FLA, CAR, and TBL pick up two more very high profile opponents. All the New York teams are put back together, and Boston gets back together with the NYC area teams.

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