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Originally Posted by Windymind View Post
Thank you all! Short thread are the best. They remain on topic and you can read all comments.

So, according to our group, the main reason is:
1. Bad luck
2. Jacques Martin's defensive system
3. Bad summer training

Tough guys don't really prevent injuries of others.
AK has a six pack.
You left out the most important reason. Martin's Offensive system.

Like it or not, the team we have on the ice is the team we have. We can complain all we want about size (or lack of) or lack of toughness or anything. But it will not change a thing. We are small on offense.

Martin has the Habs playing an offensive system that is not suited for smaller forwards. Chip the puck into the offensive zone and then go fight for the puck on the boards. Our little guys are willing to do it but over a period of time, they cannot take the punishment as shown by Cammy's injury last year. Ditto for DD.

With our speed and skill level, the Habs should be spending more time skating the puck into the offensive zone instead of dumping and chasing. But that's Martin. Sticking to his guns regardless of what talent he has sitting in front of him.

One more reason JM will never win a Cup. Successful coaches mold their game plan around the players to take advantage of their strengths instead of forcing the players to play a system that exposes their weaknesses. Sort of like trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

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