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Originally Posted by Doug61 View Post
Actually that build is far from soft. I hate to be that *** that says stats, but I average around 2.8 ppg in the EASHL with almost 200 games played with no cheesing. It's a great build, can withstand all hits, and never falls down from lack of balance, easily the best build I've ever used, try it you won't be disappointed.
It's a good build for danglers, but I agree with Costco. It is very soft. There is absolutely no way you dodge all hits. Face a guy with a few points in checking and you'll get crushed. Heck, I knocked a few guys down and I have no checking. The game came out just about a month ago, so maybe you got lucky and played a lot of people with low cards. In a few months, you will get crushed as a forward if you don't have at least 80 in balance and strength.
Your attributes could also be arranged a little better. Since you have no checking, discipline is pointless. In my experience in 09-11, that attribute only affects the chances of getting elbowing or boarding minors. It has no effect on stick check. If you're a forward with 90+ speed, you should also have more than 80 endurance.

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Awkward stuff there.

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