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Originally Posted by BigT2002 View Post
Link to that?? Living in Michigan at the time when the expansion was happening I can tell you their media outlets were always reporting that the league had unofficially promised to bring Detroit to the Eastern Conference to hold better viewership of games. No one GAF about Columbus, and no one does now. Why would they move them instead? To preserve the Chicago/Detroit rivalry of the Original Six? In fact, I would wager the only reason it was drawn up the way it was in the first place was that was still the time when Detroit/Colorado were basically going toe to toe every year. When you are the most successful franchise in all of North American Sports for the last 20 years, you kind of can do whatever the hell you want and they'll just take it on the chin. The only reason I can see them NOT moving Detroit is if they believe they would steamroll the Eastern Conference and take out the powerhouse out of the West (which in both cases IMO would be false anyways).
A few things to open with:

1) No one actually cares about something someone theoretically claims someone in the league office once said in passing to Detroit 10 years ago. The same goes for Columbus.

2) The league does not (and has not ever) have control over alignment decisions. If it did, there would already be a 4 division system decided upon and finalized for next year.

3) The alignment is defined by Bylaws 6 and 27 of the league constitution. Any change to the alignment requires a 2/3 vote (20 votes to pass) of the Board of Govenors.

4) The BoG is comprised of a single representative from each team in the league. The representative are agents for the owners of each club.

5) Columbus is east of Detroit.

6) Columbus has attendance and fan base issues.

7) No one really cares about Detroit outside of their ability to increase gate at away games.

8) Detroit's desire to be in the Eastern Conference is solely related to 10PM start times for west coast games and 9PM start times for MST games.

Now, taking those factors into account, the league doesn't care about something the overly entitled Mike Illitch thinks he "deserves." Detroit will be perfectly happy in a division with only CST teams if interdivision play is changed to a single home and home with the league. In fact, in a town with such large sports competition, it's probably foolish to change to earlier start times for pretty much every game of the season.

Columbus needs help. The real help that they need is spelled P-I-T-T-S-B-U-R-G-H. It is in every team's best interest for the rest of the league to do well. Moving Columbus into the east helps that club tremendously, and helps stave off another threat for relocation. Every problem Detroit has is something Columbus has too. Moving Detroit solves almost nothing, and makes Chicago and St. Louis hopping mad.

There's simply no compelling reason to move Detroit east. "I swear someone promised!" is not a compelling reason, especially when Columbus says the same thing.

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