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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
he's still getting 100 wins on paper, no matter what. You Mad?
He used to be the post JimCareyPrice who basically ragged on Price constantly and favored Halak up until Price started to do well where he chose not to eat crow but rather go into hiding for months (name change) and resurface as Agnostic. Nuff said really, and this is not a flame it's just facts.

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Actually the L category doesn't include the OTL's and SOL's and if you include those numbers it tilts more in the favour of the legends.

In any case I think it's obvious Price has a long way to go to be legitimately put into the same sentence as Roy, Brodeur, and Sawchuk. Which is what the article tried to do.
But clearly he isn't, clearly he's only 1 win away from being categorized with those legends on one level or another. Does it mean he'll shatter their records? Of course not, some of those goalies also played on far more dominant teams. When you're looking at a goalie you need to factor in the team they had in front of him but even regardless of the team he's still fitting into that one category and likely many more for years to come. If that isn't a good sign then what else is.

He's played for a bubble team or close to his entire career. I understand you don't like Price but come on.

Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
not mad, but if you are going to put a player in a group with the greats of the game on win totals the loss totals should be disclosed as well.

If only to show that Patrick was the greatest goaltender in the history of the planet.
Last I checked it wasn't based on winning % which is it's own thing. It's based on winning X amount of games before a certain age.

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