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10-27-2003, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue
I don't agree with your reasoning. If Edmonton was to look at a deal involving Hurme, it would have to be done in conjunction with trading Salo.

When the Oilers had a chance to pick Hurme up for nothing, the idea of trading Salo was quite far from most peoples minds, in essence the Oilers would have had a 3.9 million starter, a 1.1 million dollar back up, would have lost Valliquette and would have had to expose Conklin in the waiver draft (most likely seeing him claimed). Claiming Hurme at that time didn't work on a number of levels.

However now, in many peoples eyes the confidence in Salo seems to be waivering. If Lowe can get a deal for Salo that satisfies one of his needs, then the idea of having Conklin back up Hurme makes alot more sense than Hurme backing up Salo, doesn't it.

The bigger questions would be wether Hurme is actually a guy that would be wanted and is Lowe really entertaining thoughts of trading Salo?

Could be interesting if you think about 5.5 mil of our budget being sent packing (assuming 1.5 alotted for Comrie), we could actually take back a player or players that come witha price tag.
Two things:
1. The Oilers had already lost Valiquette and losing him wasn't taken into consideration.
2. If you think the organization is giving up on Salo after 8 games this season then you're dreaming.

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