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10-26-2005, 02:11 AM
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To add to this great discussion...

Everyone's played against the guy who thinks he's Gretzky. Some of them even do have God-given talent that mystifies you.

I find that the best advice against guys like this is to just back up. Don't give him the whole ice surface, but when he goes to bust out a major deke or pass himself the ball/puck off the boards, he expects you to be sucked in. And that's what happens.

Now, you'll probably go "Oh, duh. Yeah, don't get suckered in. Just stay put. Let him come to you."

You've got to take it a step farther (err, backwards!). Just back up a couple steps. You suddenly see the developing play a whole lot better. Not only does it increase the coverage you're getting with your peripheral vision, but many nice moves rely on the increased space formed behind you when you are sucked in. Moving back takes that away, and forces the forward to actually come to you.

Get ready to block a shot when this happens, though, especially near the half-boards. Backing up gives the forward a clearer shooting lane, and he isn't pressured to get rid of the puck/ball quickly as a result. Just get yourself in the way and let your goalie take care of the rest. That, or position your stick in front of the shot. Just a quick flick of the shaft so that the blade points to your left foot (if right handed) works wonders.

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