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10-13-2011, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
Wow,having a conversation with you guys is like pissing in your cornflakes.
Heaven forbid someone has a different opinion than your's about a coach who had a stacked Ottawa team and got nothing, and yay he got us in the playoffs two years in a row !! Satisfied with very little i see. He has coached 1000 games in the NHL, grats to JM. Still not my tyoe of coach. And as for the armchair remark, you would be actually quite surprised to know what i do in life.

Agree to disagree.
Do you make armchairs? Hee hee. Sorry dude, I had to write that.

Let's all chillax. I like JM, but I can see why guys would not be impressed also. He has never brought his team to a cup. Yeah, pretty tough thing to do, but a fair comment.

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