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10-13-2011, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
Not just fans theory, this position has been held by too many NHL players/coaches to cite them all.

The fall of the enforcer is due more to league rules making it more difficult for the role to exist, than the lack of need. And by that I mean, tougher penalties such as instigator, and increasing fines and suspensions. Then throw the salary cap in, and teams may not feel like a "goon" is a good use of limited cap space. But if you asked, i'm sure 90% of players, coaches and GM's would want one on their bench.
90%? A bit much even during the days of the enforcer. The role is on its way to becoming as much of anachronism as the straight blade wooden stick, horsehair goalie pads, and rinks without glass. There was a time when players actually stood up for themselves and their linemates, now we have the goons who only fight other goons in sideshow attractions. It's one of the very things Belak spoke about causing him sleepless nights ... knowing that when a team with an enforcer on the roster plays another team with an active enforcer there is going to be a fight between them. It isn't based on events in the game, it's an expectation.

By all means ... leave fighting in the game but eliminate the staged fights. If things get out of hand on the ice, players need to step up and handle it.

It's such a wanted role that Godard and Stortini made it through waivers to the AHL. McGrattan spent all of last season in the A.

We just signed a 15 game or so guy who will average about as much time in the box as on the ice in the games he does play. Every game that he dresses for means we're essentially playing a man down that game. This isn't Hordi who could at least hold his own as a 4th liner and play regular minutes ... this isn't Laraque in his prime who could fight and score ... it's McGrattan of the 182 games played since the lockout.

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