Thread: Prospect Info: Gallagher dominating WHL since return
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10-13-2011, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsRealist View Post
Gallagher has to work on speed, leg strength from what I saw. A choppy stride that needs to be lengthened a bit.

Liked Bournivals wheels but he needs to step up stats this year. Last year, he didnt improve much over the prior year. Given you draft for expected improvement, that was disappointing ( like the lousy stats Leblanc had last year ).
Um. Bournival 7gp 10 goals 3 assists 13 points.

These kids are 19 years old dude. 'He needs to work on blah blah.' Of course they need to work on blah blah. They are kids! Who else went 7gp 10 goals 3 assists 13 points the last 2 weeks in the Q?

Relative play to others his age, get it?

Bournival's stats before injury are amazing. Major junior is very very tough hockey, don't kid yourself. Give it a break.

Originally Posted by HockeyF3ind View Post
Hopefully Gally plays so good in junior that he turns pro this season and plays some in Hamilton, then fights at camp for a spot again.
He can't turn pro I think, unless he turns 20 before January. Sorry dude.

Originally Posted by Halifaxhab View Post
And I'm sure he'll continue to work on those areas as it seems to be (other than a sudden growth spurt to 6ft) the only real weaknesses to his game. We all wanted him to go down and Dominate the WHL (so far....check) now if he makes the WJC team I really feel that his progression will be that much quicker (one season in the AHL vice two) before he joins the NHL in a scoring line role (if the team keeps a top 9 philosiphy)
From what I see, if he keeps working on his skating, I don't see Gallagher doing more than half a season AHL before making the Habs. This kid is looking really really good.

Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
I wouldn't say that, myself, but they've played their way into the conversation.
I want LL to succeed, good west island boy. But no one talks about the injuries. Not good dudes. Injuries at his age not good. I'm off LL becuse of this right now.

Originally Posted by la25ecoupe View Post
Bournival - Leblanc - Gallagher

Is that possible?

In 2 years:

Cole - Plek - Cammy
Patches - Gomez - Gio
DD - Eller - ??
Bournival - Leblanc - Gallagher

Markov - Yemelin
Beaulieu - PK
Tinordi - Gorges


Bold above. No it's not possible because not all of them are gonna make the team, and it would be death to play three rookies on the same line in the NHL. Otherwise, you are spot on. Not.

Originally Posted by FrankMTL View Post
I would say that as well, but then again, Leblanc wasn't drafted as a purely offensive player. He has potential to be a decent scorer, but not to the extent of Gallagher. I can picture Leblanc being a 2nd or 3rd line 2 way centre (or winger) who can play in all situations scoring about 50 points a year. He will compliment a player like Bournival very well. Gallagher on the other hand has the instincts, talent and drive to be a ppg player imo.
I've said it before: LL is another Carbonneau in the making, and that's a very good thing. People forget that Carbonneau was a very high scoring Junior. LL is going to be our shut down no. 3 center, and pot 15-20 a year doing that. Carby ALWAYS came up with big goals when you least expected it, because he COULD. He had the scoring touch. LL will be the same I think.

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