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10-13-2011, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
I'll bite, just to say what i think, JM likes everybody to know that he's the boss.
I really don't think Mr Jm or PG is going to lead this team anywhere. After 19yrs of
nothing, imo these two are not the hockey minded guys to do it. Pg will not address
the lack of size, and even if he did mr martin wouldn't put them on the ice to take
care of bussiness, anyway. How can anybody not address the things that went on last season, the manhandling our players. Pushing price around like a rag doll. Its not fair to ask your #1 goalie to look after himself. Thats not what he is paid to do, and he sure as hell don't need to get injured.
In all my 40yrs of following the habs iv'e never
seen our team been beaten on like they where last season.

You tell me that our smaller player's wouldn't play bigger if they had a guy or two to
protect them when needed. If i'm 5'5'' or 5'6" playing against guys 6' 4" or 6'6", i think i would like to know that someone on the team has my back .
I know the rules are changing and i think a lot of the changes are going to help the smaller players, not be so intimmated.

Cole is here as a top6, leave him there ,you don't put a top 6 guy on the third or fouth line because he had a bad shift or a bad period. I understand the top 9 concept, to me, it's your best 6 guys first and then the nx 3.
You sure don't put a defensive d-man on as the 6th player when your trying to tie a game late in the third period and have a guy like cole setting on the bench. martin has mishandle good players before, if he can't use a guy like cole in the right way...then martin should go!! ..........Kirk was the man for the job IMO !!

....My 2 cents worth


We have a cup contender, we almost beat the Bruins last year with half our lineup injured, with all the raw skills we have, no need for a few tough guys...

Yummmmm That coolaid tastes so good.

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