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10-13-2011, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Mothra View Post
you mean the season that the Pens won the Cup? maybe...and Im just throwing this out there, the Pens were better
You seem to be suggesting that the Penguins winning a playoff series means they were better during the majority of that playoff series, which, in an important sense, is trivially true. One good way of measuring relative team quality at a given time is to pit two teams against one another in an actual NHL game.

I think everyone already knows this though. My post had already acknowledged this trivial truth by pointing out that the Capitals in fact lost in the playoffs to the Penguins.

The issues I intended to raise were, primarily, the Capitals' 10-0-2 record vs. the Penguins in the regular season over the last three seasons, and, secondarily, the contrast between the Capitals being better during 10 of the 12 times they have faced them in the regular season over the last three years, and the Capitals not being better in the playoffs. I felt compelled to point this out just because it seemed like, to me--although I could be wrong about this--that one topic of conversation in this thread is the chances of the Capitals winning tonight, yet the only mention of previous recent competition between these two teams in this thread had been references to the one playoff series.

In total, the Capitals are 13-4-2 vs. the Penguins over the last three years.

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