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10-13-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
What does money have to do with it? Well, maybe at the end of your tough day, you can look at the positives in your life and realize that you have a lot of good things going your way.
But even if Breezer wants to be depressed, it's okay. I am not denying that it must be tough to get booed. I have a problem with him crying on tv about it 10 years later. And it's not like he is returning to Mtl for the first time since, the man came back to play here!! He was not booed again and finished his career here.
I did not buy his tears for a second, it seemed a lot more like self pity than anything else. It was very lame.
You didn't even watch the show, how do you know it was really lame?

You're the kind of people that think being a millionaire, you can't cry, be sad or suffer depression because they have a bigger house, faster car than normal people?

He was defending Gomez, AK even Gonchar saying that it must be tough for them when the fans are booing them so it wasn't simply about him. He was getting very emotional about it, then he talk about him and his depression. How he needed to take pills and had no one on the locker room to talk to. Then JC Lajoie start reading encouragements from the fans on FB and twitter and that's when Brisebois started to cry.


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