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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
Yes i saw that jobs start out low and I wouldn't mind taking two jobs to support myself living on my own at all. I've done it already to pay for college already its not that big of a deal. From what i'm seeing most start at like 25-30k a year but they all have benefits and 401k plans. I appreciate you and the other people's advice on here but im pretty sure it's what i wanna do. Meteorology was my old major and I just got feed up with science...i've been debating changing for a while now and finally it all came to point a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I can make a name for myself!
I know nothing about the industry but....

What about majoring in something a little "safer" while perhaps minoring (or dual majoring) in journalism? Dual major really isn't that difficult, I wish I had done it in school, but it just sounds scary when really it isn't. Replace a couple electives with "real" classes and boom you have 2 majors.

You could also start your own blog and write for that while you have your other career, and ideally turn your writing into your career. Journalists hate bloggers because their career is dying while bloggers are stealing readers. Why not hop on the bandwagon?

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