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10-13-2011, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by i am dave View Post
Every few years, they consolidate multiple division titles onto one banner. Expect them to do that again soon. Then there's the perimeter to work on.

Of course, there's room for 2 more banners in the corner if they were to get rid of the unnecessary Bruce Springstein & Billy Joel banners.
All the Atlantic Division Championship years are on one banner already... which is completely full... They consolidated the Divisions a while back to save space I assume... So, unless they remake the Atlantic Banner in a manner where the numbers are smaller, I assume there will be a new additional one... are you suggesting that they will just remake the banner? In any case, as I already posted, they had all summer -- from early April actually -- to do that... ceremony or no ceremony. The idea posted about waiting for Richards is an interesting one... would the Kings then be present rather than say in the Room? hey are not effected with another division being won by another team.

... And I'd hate for them to remove Billy & the Boss's hard earned and well deserved banners... although unless they lowered them since the NYRs Preseason Game they have been rolled up for a little while now (I didn't' notice last night)... The other banners such as WIP and the Wings have been removed for a while now... I believe only the Phantoms last Calder Cup banner remains on the back rafters over the Mezzanine seats; I have no idea why.

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