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[QUOTE=Blind Gardien;27378148]Okay, so here's a template. Feel free to substitute different questions, or drop some if it all gets to be too much.

I've read most of the responses and I realize that the majority of the board members are young enough to be my grandsons. I'm 81 years old (the truth, I was born in 1929) and I saw Maurice Richard, Elmer Lach, Jean Béliveau, Doug Harvey, Jacques Plante, Butch Bouchard, and many other legendary Habs in their prime. After attending two American universities I settled in the New York metropolitan area. I use American spellings of English words rather than the British because I earned my living as a science writer in the US (many published articles, just one book). I have two sons and four grandchildren. My wife died many years ago and I never remarried. None of my surviving relatives live in the Montréal area.

I drink black coffee without sweeteners, I prefer the beers of almost every other nation to Coors or other common brews in the US. I'm an independent voter but I loathe the present generation of Republicans and consider the Tea Party to be on the brink of insanity. I never was a good hockey player. I still play tennis and I'm quite mobile for my age. My musical preferences are classical, jazz, and ethnic.I've traveled extensively (Europe 16 times, North Africa twice, South America once). I've studied French and German and I've picked up some Russian. I learned the Cyrillic alphabet when I was 19 or 20 so that I could make my way through the Russian chess literature. I was a chess master in my youth but I haven't played the game in many decades. Recently I tried playing chess against a powerful computer program and didn't stand a chance. I felt as though I were in the coils of a giant python.

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