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10-13-2011, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
There are such things as tendencies and predictability that allow someone to make a reasoned decision about the possibility of success or failure.

The number one job of a head coach is to get his players to achieve over and above what their current talent level is right now. It's called motivation.

Boucher has demonstrated that he is willing to treat each individual player as an individual to improve their performance that will help the team.

Martin has demonstrated that he believes in a one size fits all approach to the team concept.

Boucher has demonstrated that he adjusts his systems based upon the personnel he has on his team.

Martin has demonstrated that he will use the same system over and over again regardless of the type of players he has suited up.

Boucher coaches with genuine emotion which can be reflected in his player's state of mind during the game.

Martin coaches with a flat emotionless approach which is often times reflected by his players on the ice.

Intangibles. Some coaches have what it takes to succeed and win the Championship. Some coaches do not have a grasp of that concept, and while being good coaches with regard to systems, will not be able to do what it takes to inspire his team to greatness.

Not everyone can be a champion. Boucher is eons ahead of Martin with regard to intangibles and will win a Cup while Martin will never reach that goal.
I don't think you've proven anything with this post except the extent some people will go to further a ridiculous, baseless bias, supported not by one iota of factual evidence but instead by conjecture, assumptions and "intangibles".

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