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10-13-2011, 03:05 PM
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you are severely underweight. up your caloric and protein intake. you may think that you need to eat "clean", but it's all a bunch of nonsense. bulking is bulking. eat more calories and lift progressively higher loads of weight. look into squats and deadlifts on youtube, they are the two best exercises, bar none. if you still have the energy to do other stuff, do HIIT or Tabata as suggested above, though for clarification, you do 30 second intervals with 15-30 second rest. not 3-4 minute rest.

p90x is ****. you will not get significantly stronger, you might drop a little bit of fat, but if you don't get enough calories, you are more likely ot lose muscle mass as well. it will probably help you with your 2nd-3rd period lightheadedness, but not much else. p90x is simply an inferior program, not suited for beginners.

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