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10-13-2011, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
Some of you take the fact other people have different views than yourselves to an amazing extent. You will give yourselves ulcers.

I know for myself, and i repeat for MYSELF. I don't like JM's coaching approach. I don't like the way he reacts to the refs during the game, i don't like the way he manages his lines. I don't like the way he is SO damn emotionless. I don't like how he handles young players. I don't like how he treats players who make mistakes defensively on the ice. And most of all i hate his boring defensive, semi trap, small player crap hockey. Now before all of you JM lovers jump down my throat, i have not like his coaching style since the Ottawa days.

Now you're talking...and you have every right to that opinion, I actually don'T like allot of things about JM and I certainly won't be jumping at your throat for that comment. I will However defend him when someone says that he hasn't proven anything yet, I mean what kind of a reason is that to justify disliking a coach, considering he has over a 1000 games in the NHL and over 600 wins in career. and the no stanley cup crap to prove he sucked, is lame because the counter argument would be this means Jean Perron was a great coach...That before coaching the New Jersey Devils who had a system put in place by Jacques Lemaire, Pat Burns was a bad coach but by winning in New Jersey it magically transformed him into a great coach.

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