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10-13-2011, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Drury_Sakic View Post
And I am not even convinced it would have come to making the offersheet. McPhee maybe did not use the exact words, but in the interviews about the trade, he came off as being shocked that someone offered the package they did.
We were hoping to have Semyon back this year and play a full season so we could get that kind of value for him next summer because we knew next summer we were going to have to do something with one of the goaltenders, McPhee said. But we got that value now, and given the injury, Im surprised we got that now.

He was not shocked with the value, just the timing. The value is what was expected. Before the KHL drama, the caps were about to resign him.

#1 and the Caps were in agreement on terms and "only $50,000 apart in salary when everything just stopped."

Overpay or not, the AVS needed a tender and it has worked out so far. The concern has always been his durability... so this is a topic that is best revisited towards the end of the season.

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