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10-13-2011, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by ColeJ View Post
i guess one of the most lasting impression i've had of houston hockey fans was the day we traded for brad richards.

i was in corpus christi for a class/seminar for my job, and i was wearing a sergei zubov tshirt. this girl in the class came up to me and asked me if i heard of the trade, and i told her that i had been on my phone all day trying to see if we'd pull the trigger, and i was thrilled that we had.

she said that she can't stand the stars, but knew johan holmqvist from his time in houston. she said i'd absolutely love him. i never really got a chance to. lol.

but that conversation led to a few other hockey fans chiming in. one other guy who said he lived in dallas in the late 90's said he liked the stars, but 2-3 other people in the class said it was wild all the way for them.

now i'm starting to get off topic, but it was the only time i'd ever been to a non-metroplex texas city at the time... and it freaked me out that all the gas stations had dallas cowboys and mavericks and rangers stuff everywhere. just like here. not a single texans/rockets/astros/spurs thing. i found that odd... and of course no stars stuff anywhere except my own luggage.
Cowboys down there and pretty much anywhere south of the Greater Houston area are all Cowboys' fans. Some big player for them was from around there, and it's just stuck. That, and they want more of a successful team, anyways.

I don't know many NHL fans, but there are a ton that play hockey. Probably nothing compared to Dallas, but it's huge considering how small the market it down here.

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