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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
It's almost shocking how dishonest you can be with your twisted interpretations of my arguments, as if you somehow expect me to believe that I don't comprehend my own words. Who are you trying to fool?

Recommended reading for VanSciver before any rational discussion can go forward:

DFF is right that there is no reason to respond to you if you refuse to argue in good faith.
But yet you do respond. And you respond with this, which has nothing to do with Hockey. Honestly, how do you expect to be considered credible posting this irrelevant material, and posting definitions of words such as fiction?

So let's review, you say if it hasn't happened yet, it's fiction. So I therefore say well then how can Bryzgalov be considered an upgrade in net for the Flyers then? You respond because he's talented.

I've also asked you if it's fiction that Claude Giroux will outscore Scott Hartnell this Season. You said yes, it is fiction, because it hasn't happened yet. Well isn't Giroux more talented than Hartnell is? Why doesn't the same standard apply?

The bottom line is that with every post you make, you reveal more and more holes in your flawed premise. Even to the point now where you are no longer even discussing Hockey. But posting definitions of words, and link to irrelevant content on Wikipedia!

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