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10-13-2011, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Main thing you should be doing is cleaning up that diet, and cardio. Try to eat minimal fat and refined sugar, focus on tonnes of protein (eggs, protein shakes, and meat, especially chicken), tonnes of veggies, and a decent amount of fruits and carbs (whole grains). For cardio, put me in for another vote in the HIIT camp, great way to train yourself for the pace of a hockey game.

As for building muscle, my current routine is:

- Squats (3 sets, 10 reps)
- Bench press (3/10)
- Cable pull downs (3/10) or wide grip pullups (3 sets to failure) <--- I just do whatever's free at the gym, works the same muscles
- Abductor machine (3/12)
- Adductor machine (3/12)
I do the abductor/adductor stuff for my knees, I have weird knees and it helps balance them, but they're also good for hockey, they're muscles you use in your stride. You do them on the same machine too, so easy to superset. Definitely skipable though, I wouldn't do them if my knees weren't a bit wonky.

- Deadlift (3/10) <--- bane of my existence, but a must
- Military press (3/10)
- Bicep cable, ez-curl attachment (3/12)
- Tricep cable, ez-curl attachment (3/12)
And I superset the bis/tris, just to speed things up.

And every day in the gym, before the workout, I do the "gym warmup" from Gary Robert's youtube Nike training thing (the one with the wall squat, glute bridge, inchworm, etc.), helps get me nicely warmed up and in the right frame of mind to push myself on the weights. The "side leg lifts on wall" are freaking hard.

For core I just do the P90X "ab ripper x", 3 nights per week, at home (all you need is a yoga mat).

I find it's a good routine for me, and pretty quick too, about 30-40 mins each morning in the gym for the warmup and weights, and it's easy to fit in the ab ripper routine 3 nights a week at home, which is just a 15 minute workout each time. Combine this with a good diet, and a protein shake both before and after the workout, and you'll start packing on muscle. Main thing with any gym routine is just to stick with it, it takes awhile to see noticeable changes to your body, but if you stick with it consistently over a long period of time, always pushing yourself and keeping a good diet, you're guaranteed to see results eventually.

what are your lifts? it is extremely likely that you are doing too many sets/reps of squats/deadlifts and not enough weight.

a couple of other points: (1) you have no heavy explosive movements at all, and (2) you don't have any recovery periods. this is likely slowing down your strength gains.

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