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10-13-2011, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mbeam View Post
Yes, calories are important. But you can get those without putting **** preservatives and low-nutrient foods into your system. Obviously half a plate of veggies doesn't give you that, but it gives you the nutrients to not feel like **** every day from eating McDonalds. That's why I didn't say eat JUST that. Fill the rest up with carbs - rice, bread, potatoes, whatever, and then some high protein meats which will also give you your fats.

Fast food is alright once in a while but the OP "constantly eating McDonalds and drinking pop" should not be in the diet plan, even for adding bulk. There are much better ways to do this.
get the calories however you can. if you can spend the time and money to shop for fresh organic stuff every day and cook it, go right ahead. if you can drink a gallon of milk a day and still have normal bowel movements, then do that instead. but you are overstating the effects of "****** preservatives" on concepts like gaining strength. much like you overstate low-nutrient foods. what nutrients are you talking about? vitamins? protein/fat/carbs?

having said that, i would limit sugars, unless you rely on them for your caloric surplus.

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