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10-13-2011, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
get the calories however you can. if you can spend the time and money to shop for fresh organic stuff every day and cook it, go right ahead. if you can drink a gallon of milk a day and still have normal bowel movements, then do that instead. but you are overstating the effects of "****** preservatives" on concepts like gaining strength. much like you overstate low-nutrient foods. what nutrients are you talking about? vitamins? protein/fat/carbs?

having said that, i would limit sugars, unless you rely on them for your caloric surplus.
I drink ridiculous amounts of milk hahaha. Not sure how much a gallon is, but I drink around 2 bags a day (Canadian).

Ozolinsh, thanks man. What one on that site do you recommend? I don't have the 300 bucks to get the 50lb one hahaha.

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