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10-13-2011, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by duul View Post
Ozolinsh, thanks man. What one on that site do you recommend? I don't have the 300 bucks to get the 50lb one hahaha.
I recommend whey protein isolate cold filtration, cookies and cream or banana bash flavors. Never really tried much else. They have a sample packs you can order where they send you 5 servings of diff flavors you pick or theres another one for 39$ where they send you a sample serving each of all their diff flavors. I just ordered 5 lbs of cookies and cream and 5lbs of banana. You won't really know which ones you like until you try them. But cookies and cream is much more true to the name than banana one. Oh and make sure you get premium flavor, not the natural flavor.

If you need slower digesting protein, I use milk protein isolate. Whey is great post workout.

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