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10-13-2011, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
The problem with your 'analysis' is that it doesn't prove anything as Boucher has never won ANY type of championship, no Memorial cup, no Calder cup and no Stanley cup. He sure is good at motivating players, but he always gets beaten in the playoffs by better defensive teams. It happened in the Juniors (twice, I think), happened in the AHL (vs Stars), and lo and behold, it happened again in the NHL (vs Boston).

As of right now, both coaches went as far in the NHL. I don't doubt Boucher is better at motivating players, and I don't doubt that your negative bias vs Martin makes you blind to the emotion that the Hab players DO display on the ice. If Martin didn't strike a chord with the locker room, you wouldn't see this level of commitment/dedication and effort from players.
I dont have a negative bias against Martin. I simply think that he is not an effective or motivational coach.

He has a decent system for defense and is very basic on offense. We could be an awesome puck possession team like Detroit with our skill players but for whatever reason, we are not. Martin's system does not work well with smaller players being in the majority on offense.

Martin is not a good handler of his players. He picks a few whipping boys each season and rides them out of town for making mistakes that other players make without reprimand. No way in hell is that conductive to team building as it builds apathy and animosity.

No bias here. Just observations. There is a reason Scotty Bowman won 9 Cups with 3 different teams and Jacques Martin has won none. He was the ultimate motivator of his players and his players respected him. May not have liked him all the time........but they always respected him.

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