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10-13-2011, 05:56 PM
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Needed to post this...

On NHL 12, I'm playing against the Blues... As a filler thing, to make the game more "realistic," the PBP and color guy usually have a set conversation about the team each time they play (ie. Carolina's playoff chances lie with Ward, Edmonton's glutton of good prospects, etc). Here's the one for the Blues:

Gary Thorne: "Bill, in St. Louis you've got a guy at captain that's a bit unheralded."
Bill Clement: "Yeah Gary, Eric Brewer won't score all that many goals, but he's a great stay at home defenseman, and he's a decent mover of the puck that can put at least a couple of points on the board."
GT: "Do you think he's the right choice for captain of the Blues at this time?"
BC: "Absolutely Gary, Eric Brewer is the heart and soul of the Blues. At some point in the near future they'll probably want their recent 1st overall pick Erik Johnson to take the captaincy, but until then, Brewer is absolutely the right choice."

For those of you who don't play video games or are otherwise confused, this game was released in September.

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