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10-27-2003, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky4PM
Working backwards from the highest paid player, the 345th highest/lowest paid player makes 1.35M US. Therefore, in my opinion, the AVERAGE player is worth about that much, give or take. NOT the gross 1.81M US the NHLPA uses as the "average salary", which is not very scientific or practical, but certainly beefs up the already rich athletes bank accounts. THE HIGHER SALARIES ARE DRAGGING UP THE MEAN. The prospect that the salaries at the extremes "cancel each other out" appears dimmer now I think.
You're right. I expected, in a population as large as the nhl, the mean and median to be about the same, but they are almost half a million dollars apart. This means either there are more players making the top-end dollars, or the players making the high extreme are at a greater difference to the median than the ones at the low extreme. Good stuff man, next step, present this tidbit of info to the GM's of the league

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