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Originally Posted by SouthSwe View Post
Regarding the subject if Kirill will take a spot in the SEL or not, I can tell u that he will play in our 1st line straight away. We have been playing utter rubbish for 11 games now with our new coach this year.

We're dead last in the standings with 16 goals in 11 games..... (17 if u count our penalty win)

Hopefully after the upcoming game on Saturday our coach will get sacked so Kirill might arrive at the same time as our future coach.
I don't think you shall listen to this person. Mr Kabanovs situation may not be the best, coming into a hockeyclub more or less in crisis. Especially for a russian player this will usually be very hard.

But you need to be reminded of that FBK has one of Europes most professional organisations and they will take care of Mr Kabanov. But it's up to the player himself how much icetime he will get. Certainly they haven't signed him as a star in the team, but several offensive players in FBK has underperformed, so i think he has a chance ( i don`t know his skills though ), to get some quality icetime. If not, they wouldn't have taken him in.

I quote Mr Rundquist who is responsible for transfers of players in FBK:
"We take a chance when we take him in"
"Islanders contacted us and asked if we could take him in"
"I have heard that he had problems before, but Islanders says that his character has changed as of recent"
Originally Posted by Dutch Frost View Post
So what happens after 8 games and no SEL team wants to sign him?? is there no way he can go to the AHL after the SEL this season?
In swedish official news they call it a 8 games long try-out contract. But i think ( i don't promise though ), that Kabanov himself, FBK and Islanders will decide what happens after 8 games. What i mean, is that ( what it seems atleast ) Islanders and Kabanov have no obligations or any binding contract with FBK after the 8 games have been played.

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