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10-13-2011, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
If you are wanting to win 2nd Place, Jacques Martin is head and shoulders above the majority of the other NHL coaches.

Dont take this personally. I am merely making an observation.

The biggest majority of posters here have never seen the Canadiens (live......not on YouTube) skate on the ice as they are carrying the Stanley Cup held high above their heads and passing it on to their teammates. They did not feel the joy and exhiliration of the Habs winning another Cup as we watched it either in the Forum or on TV. Nothing, and I mean nothing.......not even watching my favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl last year.........compares to that feeling. (sports related, of course )

So I see people posting here happy that JM got us to the playoffs and even to the E. final series. Sorry, but that is not even close to the ultimate goal. That is just an average season.......which unfortunately has become the norm in Montreal and is accepted as success. And along with that, Jacques Martin is just an average coach who has been around long enough to run up some wins and participate in 1000 games without a Cup.......which is just an average career.

We need new blood in Montreal so some of you younger posters can finally understand what it feels like to win the Cup. Martin will not get you there. (sadly because I think he will be here for a while longer)
E finals is average season I guess if you call being one of the top four clubs of the season average, then Yes I understand why you would be disapointed by anything but a stanley cup then

Like I said I am not a fan of JM, what I was pointing out is being told:" I do not like the guy, he sucks, because he has accomplished nothing in this league because he hasn't won a cup"

so even though I do not like him, I can admit that 1000 games in the NHL and 600 wins is quite an accomplishment, How many average coach can claim the same, or is he the only one. And not winning the stanley cup is not the definition of a bad coach, I can list a long list of coach, good coach, that never won the Stanley Cup. And some pretty bad ones, Jean Perron, who won the cup and that doesn't make them great coaches.

you like Football? I guess Marv Levy, Marty Schottenheimer, Dan Reeves and Andy Reid were pretty average coach I mean they never won the Super Bowl

and don't worry about me I'm old enough that I have witnessed the cup being lifted twice, but I do agree we need new blood, but I guess he has, including this one, only two seasons left

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