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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Im not saying I disbelieve you... but, I was under the impression they never remove the ice during the season. Simply lay a couple of layers of flooring onto of it. Like they do with basketball games.

Also, I don't believe they can just flood the rink in one shot. There are a couple of layers done before they paint a layer and then have several above that. The paint job isn't done on the floor, i believe.
the floor is a concrete base as you can see in the construction photos. the actual ice process is 3 this base coats with a spray wand, then 3 coats with the same wand but with the white paint mixed in at the right ratios, then 3-4 sealing coats with the wand. after that the logos are laid and sealed. then you flood layers of ice. our building does one install a year and we spend 4-5 8hr days doing the total install, but our install takes so much longer bc we do the thin layer hose floods and let it freeze then add. its a lengthier process but makes a far superior ice sheet.

as for the drop floor it is used for certain events, but only those that dont put enormous strain on the sheet, wont induce a massive amount of heat on it, or create a mess. i know my way with this ice making think as i kinda slipped into the profession accidentally but have been knee deep in it for a decade now. some of the stories i heard about the winter classic mistakes and idiocies though made me laugh out loud.

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