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Originally Posted by swedishhockeysupport View Post
You might be surprised. If he had 6 games as a 16 year old in KHL, one would think he have developed atleast some skills since then. But last years stats from the junior leauge, i don't like. It was a disaster ( but it's typical east european players, they play in a vacuum just for themselves and not for the team, and when they will be given better linemates they immideatly looks alot better ), but atleast he managed to score somewhat over 1ppg in playoffs.

I don't question your knowledge, i'm just hoping like you that this player will go against the odds and make great plays in SEL. Both FBK and Islanders will have benifit of this.

I report back when i have seen him ( he will not play next game ). I will se all his games for Farjestad.

One further thing you might like. FBK got 2 injuries last game on wingers ( but maybe both of them might play as soon as next game, we don't know yet ). Also, one of the absolute top wingers got match penalty ( checking to the head ), he might very well be suspended several games. Kabanov maybe will get a fair chance.
Funny you say that about players who "play in a vacuum" - that's exactly how I see Kabanov playing, although he's gotten MUCH BETTER recently. He's a very talented kid, great skater, great puck-handler, but I never felt he was very productive on the ice. Just never put it together.

Although his stats weren't the best in the Q last year, he was dominant in the playoffs. Even his coach said Kabanov was incredible in the playoffs. And he's carried this forward this year. He only saw ONE pre-season game but he looked like a different player than what we'd seen prior.

He's got skills, he's not polished yet. He's still a really skinny kid, but he's gotten so much bigger. I'd guess that when he was drafted he was probably 155lbs. I'd say he's close to 170-175lbs now. His man-weight will probably cap out at 185-190lbs over the next 2-3 years, based on his skinny frame (not unlike Grabner) and if his game comes together, he could be a really good player.

I'm not sure how physical the SEL is, I know it's gotten more physical in recent years but probably not close to the NHL. Kabanov will find it difficult to adjust to that league IMO. But I'd guess by the 5th or 6th game he'll start to find his game and be more noticeable.

Not all 19 year olds are created equal. He's much more BOY than MAN. Strome is the same way. Matt Duchene was already a man at 18 though, really strong on his skates and could fly.

I hope Kabanov does well but I know it's a tough league for a 19 year old.

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