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10-13-2011, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
When you are the highest priced player on the team. When you cost the team a top prospect that is desperately needed on this time currently. There are expectations.

He deserves the hate. He deserves to be booed endlessly. Instead, he collects a humongous paycheck and delivers nothing.
I was taking your posts more seriously until this. Come on, man, that's just silly. Nobody deserves that and you're kidding yourself if you actually believe this. His paycheck is massive and nobody says he deserves his pay, but we are talking about how he had a solid game tonight and of course someone has to bring in how he is overpaid so a solid game will just not cut it.

The guy can completely dominate the ice for a full season and still it can be argued he doesn't deserve the paycheck. But it's not an issue with this team because we have lots of cap room right now.

He is certainly not costing the team a prospect right now, I don't even get that statement. Point is no one deserves to be booed, he is our second line center and we all know he has the talent. Booing doesn't help and if you got offered that contract, you would take it as well.

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