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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Very interesting stuff. Thanks.

So they definitely remove it for the circus.

There aren't any dirt bike or monster truck shows scheduled this year, are there?

When you say "lay down the logos" are they painted fresh each time, or are they decals that can be reused?

The whole thing seems extremely tedious. But to be the artist painting the MSG ice must be awesome.

Edit: they're installing a new system at the end of the last renovation right?
the rodeo is another event they remove it for.

IF im correct they redid the floor this summer. i remember there being concern about the floor bc it needed to set a number of weeks before they could put heavy machinery on it which they would be doing the same summer to redo the roof.

as for the logos, it depends. MANY are hand painted. the logo comes as a brown paper stencil which has tiny holes all over it. you then take chalk and a swifter and rub chalk on the paper once its laid in position on the ice. the chalk goes on the ice via those holes and once the paper is picked up the chalk becomes the outline on the ice. after that point you hand paint the logos.

alternatively, that company i mentioned earlier has worked with the caps in particular to do R&D on some tough fabric material that you can order a made logo, then lay it in the ice and it will actually accept and hold the water/ice and saves a ton of time. the only issue is if the ice is rutted or chipped down to the logo skates may get stuck in it, which of coarse isnt an issue with painted logos. this material can be reused as well. its a matter of preference. we hand paint everything however and i prefer it that way.

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