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10-27-2003, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
Taylor, Prucha, Jonasen, Lundqvist?
You can't be serious. They're huge question marks, not even legitament sure fire prospects and even with them you only have 9.

Btw, since you haven't watched that all access show, it's pretty apparent Sather does none of the drafting, just trades away all the talent.
taylor is one of the hardest hitting defenseman in his league and has a developing offensive game. lowest he turns out to be is a 6th defenseman. prucha was one of the best fowards over in europe(you know a ton about euro prospects right? cause you seem to love zidlicky) and some compare him to pavel datsyuk. marcus jonasen is a powerfoward that can skate well and score, something we were lacking in our system. lundqvist is the best goalie in sweden? or in europe period. those arent question marks, those are very very solid prospects.

it doesnt matter if it looks like everyone else does the job at the draft, everything has to be run passed sather first and he makes the final decision.

i agree, he has picked some bad coaches and made some questionable signings like messier and malakhov but overall he isnt the frigin devil.

jar jar, although me and you are in the minority in the pro-ranger boat, sathers coaching didnt almost make the rangers a playoff team, that was all dunham and leetch.

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