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10-14-2011, 07:50 AM
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Same problem

Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I'm running a brand new Macbook Pro. I have a very good internet connection. But video highlights just absolutely suck. The stream pauses every 5 seconds. Last year no problem. This year? Awful.

I've submitted 3 complaints to them with no result, or even an answer.

Sorry to complain, But I live very far away, and I want to see Habs highlights that don't pause every 5 seconds for 2 seconds.

I used to rip NHL vids as .FLV files, but they've stopped that one.

God it pi-sses me off. The NHL wants to promote hockey, and keep fans happy, yet the retards who run the site can't produce high quality streaming highlights, and don't even bother to answer e-mails from loyal fans.

WTF? Is anyone else having this problem?

Please advise guys.

It is some time since this thread was created, but I still have the same problem.

I have done some checking of waht can cause this problem.

The problem is just located to viewing NHL "Game highlights" (on It is not seen this problem in "quick picks".

The problem is not seen on my computer at work(tested with both wireless and wired network)

The same computer as used at work (laptop dell Latitude d830, XP)
is used at home. The problem shows only when I use wireless at home (wireless router Dlink DIR 655). The problem is not shown when I use wired ethernet conn. to the same router.

I started to think that the wireless router had some bad setup, but I have tried many different setups, but nothing helps. Distance from router has nothing to do with it. My internet conn is 15Mbit down, 4 Mbit up.

Anyone with the same experience?

Since the thread has not been active for several months, maybe someone got a fix for this problem?

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