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10-14-2011, 08:08 AM
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the Habs' Swiss

Hello guys, let's speak Swiss !

Diaz is adapting well to the NA style ... still some speed to gain to face the fast pace because of the smaller rink, specially against teams practicing forechecking. To bulck up a bit wouldn't harm him as well but their is a nice future in him.

Weber, le Jene Wbre ... who in my view is less and less Jene. And has more and more shoulders to take on responsibilities. Still has a deadly shot ... Pitty to put him asside ... i know the roster is full of capable defenders when no one is injured ... but he could end up la Streit !


Hamilton's Swiss.

Berger ... needs to put up some muscles to become this potential powerforward ... but he could make it ... it may take 2 years until he reaches NHL level (2 way).

Meyer ... well i wish all the best ... unless he explodes he may remain an AHLer all his live or come back to the Homeland. But in the homeland their are already good goalies ... i don't know ...maybe i am overly negative on him ... hopefully it is so.

All in all almost all have a bright future if they keep adjusting.

What is your thought guys ? You who see them waaaay more often than i do ??

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