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10-14-2011, 09:09 AM
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David Desharnais...

What is going on with David Desharnais so far this season? Is it a sophomore jinx? Did he come too over confident?

I have seen nothing good from him so far. He is very week on the puck and gets pushed off quite easily. A guy with his size normally makes it up in intensity,
but he hasn't shown that either. Quite a few times you see him give up on his check, or he runs around chasing the puck but is always one second too late.

He does not look like he did last year. I hope he can pick it up but right now he does not look like a regular NHLer. His preseason was bad, followed up by a very week 3 first games.
I just don't see the room for him on this team, behind Gomez, Gionta, Cammaleri and Plekanec. I would much rather have someone with size and grit in his position on a 3rd line.

This team has one or two small players too many, and DD should be the odd man out. He is not Martin St.Louis! I know most people want a Quebecois superstar, and so do I, but the truth is DD is not that.
I say give him 7 more games, in order to take a really good strong look at him, but if he keeps this up it's back to the AHL for him or waivers or trade. If our forwards wern't so small maybe we can keep him around but the truth is we are stuck with the others for quite some time and this team badly needs some grit and size up front.

Bash away...

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