Thread: Confirmed with Link: The Realignment Thread: Stars to "Division B"
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10-14-2011, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Rune Forumwalker View Post
Heh, it wouldn't matter if Detroit is the one picked to move east, and I figured Kansas City should be in the same division as St. Louis if they ever got a team.

Wasn't Vancouver in a division with the California teams before it switched to three divisions per conference? My memory is fuzzy from back then.
Vancouver was in the Smythe with Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Los Angeles and then San Jose joined that division when they entered the league.

How much priority is everyone placing on travel and time zones when creating proposals as opposed to what would be actual good rivalries within the division ie reuniting some of the old divisions prior to all the change up back in 1993 as much as possible ? From what I'm seeing, not much of the latter. Which tells me not many of you were fans before the Stars moved to Dallas when they had the top 4 in each div make it and go through the divisional rounds, and I don't mean that to be insulting at all I'm just observing that we're coming from different places on this.

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