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Originally Posted by dats81 View Post
Homer is definitely not afraid of making bold moves and he seems to get the important things done, which he should be given credit for. He built a really competitive team.

However, he sometimes completely screws the little things, like for instance not knowing the CBA regarding to waiver eligibility or 35+ contracts, or even signing too many prospects and getting in trouble in respect to the max contracts limit.
He doesn't get much support on that stuff from the rest of the organization...
Just because the Flyers argued that the Pronger contract shouldn't be considered a 35+ contract doesn't mean they didn't know the rule. Even when someone has a signed confession, multiple eye witness, DNA evidence and has the culprit on video committing the crime, the defendent still pleads not guilty. Same principle here, argue that it doesn't fall into the 35+ contract rule. Worse case scenario is that the NHL says it does.

I guess the real question would be: "If the Flyers had 20/20 hindsight on the Pronger contract, would they still offer it to him?" I seriously doubt the answer would be no.

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