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10-14-2011, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Only thing I can think of is do your windows updates, do your flash updates, do your firefox/explorer/whatever you use updates.

This problem stopped happening to me for a while now and considering I use TSN quite frequently it would have happened again by now if it were still a current issue.
Wow, a bump of an old thred of mine....interesting.

Rant begins:

NOTHING has improved.

This is what I've learned since then: Speaking only re Macs. Good old Steve J was determined to kill flash. And he was right. Flash sucks on Macs. End of. They blah blah about why, but it is inexcusable in 2011 that the default internet video software would suck on any system. Absolutely inexcusable. Mac should not have to adjust for Flash, Flash should adjust for Mac.

Jobs has already killed flash anyway, by refusing to use it on the I-phone. Absolute genius, god rest his soul.

Oh, and to you guys who do this all the time, don't bother defending PCs, and attacking Mac. Flash sucks big giant balls, it sucks giant balls on PC too, and it needs to be replaced on the internet. Stop making this a PC VS Mac issue. This is a competence issue. It is 2011. Flash should work perfectly on ANY sytem, or Web designers should stop using it. End of. And Flash facks up other software all the time also, on both PC and Mac platforms. It"s a bit fat stupid software.

Flash sends ''updates" every week to my PC at work, and they never ever download properly. Every single week they update. My god.

NHL and especially TSN web designers are retards. And lazy. They went 100% Flash, and their video sucks totally because of it. They have let down a huge number of users on Macs, big time.

I'm really pissed at the TSN and NHL sites for seemingly not even understanding this. They will though, when they realize that no one can watch anything they produce on their I phone at all.

We have to wait until responsible web designers stop depending on Flash, that's all.

Oh, and Flash and websites that use flash: Why did you stop .FLV ripping? Unreal. At least I used to be able to rip the Habs highlights and watch a **** 2 minutes of a game I cannot stream because it's 9 AM here and I'm at work. You think I'm going to pay you or something? Absolute *********.

2011, and I cant watch Habs highlights at all without problems, on a superb computer with a perfect internet connection.

How should I put this? Fack of Flash, and every site that uses it.

Flash is **** beyond belief. It's the Internet Cancer.

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