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10-14-2011, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
So Gm's should make moves based on random chance, because the ability to forecast the future with common sense is not infallible? Don't be ludicrous. Giving Leighton the reins and not getting a real NHL goalie did not give the team the best chance to win, and that is not a bunch of fans *****ing with the benefit of hindsight. We said it then and we're saying the same thing now.
You are missing the argument. I am not saying that GMs shouldn't speculate as to what happens in the future. This entire argument started when Beef said that if Roloson was in net, the Flyers would have won. I said there is no way of telling. Then Beef and VS said yes it is because Roloson is better and the argument has gone on since then. I'm not saying sticking was Leighton was a good move (however, see my posts from last season on this topic). What I am saying, and have been all along in response to posters saying that Roloson would have gotten us a cup, speculation does not equal reality, no matter how likely it seems. VS seems to think that is not true. Just like his situation of Hartnell outscoring Giroux. It seems unlikely, and I certainly don't think it will happen. But until the season is over, it isn't fact.

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