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Originally Posted by chris6net View Post
I think what you are saying is ridiculous. I have 6 STH,s and try to go to as many games as I can and sell extras(many below face) to offset the expense. I also have a family of 5 and we go to 1 game a month so my kids always ask a friend to go with them. We eat Pizza before the game and it is not so expensive. I work for County Gov,t so I make what would be considered average money. The Rangers is my one luxury that I treat myself to.I make other sacrifices to be able to afford my tickets and would never want to part with them. I love being a part of the Ranger Family and don,t know what you would expect as a new STH. My Brother has had ST,s to the Giants forever and they are considered a classy organization and the Rangers treat their STH,s much better. I think maybe you are living in a fantasyland if you think the Rangers don,t take care of their STH,s. I buy my tickets for the right to enjoy my club and cheer them on not to get a bobblehead or cap!
why is what im saying ridiculous? 400 dollars is out of the question to spend for a family of 4 on a hockey game including tickets,gas,tolls,food,drinks, maybe beer? if it was my family which is 4 people are going to 1 game, we are gonna want to sit in the 300s. now if its season tickets, if it was my fam im pretty sure we would want the 400s. and when we went to a game we would go eat somewhere in the city and not pizza. like i said before this a hockey message board for DISCUSSION. and that is simply what i was doing, where did i say one time that i was completely pissed off at what they gave or decided to buy season tix because i was more interested in the benefits. i think you saying that spending 400 bucks on a family of 4 to go to a game is a bit ridiculous.

EDIT: forgot to add, also when you get season tickets for the first time your gonna be beyond exciting especially when you live for the rangers, im sure we can all attest to that. your also gonna wanna see what other teams offer their fans as season ticket holders just for the hell of it. im sure the post is somewhere back a few pages.

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