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Originally Posted by bleedblue94 View Post
im not going to argue with anyone about whether it does or does not come out. i KNOW FOR A FACT it comes out. furthermore, the staff at msg loves when it does bc as i said they work like hell in a one day/night shot to reinstall it and their crew gets paid a massive shot of overtime for the amount of time they stay in installing it. this said directly to me by one of msg's operations managers.

as for the comment about letting it warm and then freezing it again, you are correct on some level but not for the reason you are describing.rinks will allow the ice to warm just above freezing to about 33-35 degrees for a very short amount of time in order to have the cuts and such disappear in the ice. it makes the sheet look brand new again. however allot of places wont do this bc if you time it wrong or have any sort of compressor malfunction that delays the restart of the system, you risk the ice popping for the floor. good ice is bonded to the floor, it doesnt just sit on it. thats why the floor needs to be meticulously cleaned before ice install. if the ice does not bond to the floor (or it pops from the floor bc of a compressor issue) then the ice will refreeze, but it will break out in chunks, and you will actually feel it move at times under you. its hard to imagine or believe but its true.
there is no way they take it out for the circus. especially when they have a matinee performance of the circus at 12 and then a ranger game at 7. it happens every year, the ice is not taken out for the circus

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