Thread: Post-Game Talk: GM#3 = Hawks 4 - Jets 3
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10-14-2011, 12:37 PM
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My thoughts on the game:

- To put it kindly, I was not impressed with Emery. It is true that he didn't have much of a shot on the first 2 goals, but the 3rd and the one called off he looked absolutely horrible on. To be fair he didn't let in the tying goal... so I guess that is something positive

- As has been said, the 3rd line looked downright dominant. My only concern is the fact that Bickell couldn't finish despite several glorious opportunities, hopefully that changes. Frolik also had a beauty chance and actually let a pretty good shot go but Pavelec made a nice save. This line does have the makings of one of the best 3rd lines in the league.

- Kane line looked excellent. I actually think that Carcillo, if he can keep his head screwed on right, is skilled enough to play with these guys. He actually made a few nice passes out there. I also like the idea of having someone like that on a line with Kane, you know there would be instant retribution for any liberties taken with him.

- Toews had a horrible game. It is games like this that makes me appreciate Toews even more. I have seen almost every game of his professional career and I think I can count on one (maybe 2) hand how many truely bad games he has had. Its one thing to not play well offensively, but to do that as well as play poorly defensively is extremely rare for him.

- I felt the defence as a whole were fine if unspectacular. No real issues one way or another this game which I suppose is a good thing.

- Kruger. I am beginning to like this guy on the 4th line. His positioning is virtually flawless, he is always in the right position. It seems Q agrees since he was out there in the last 2min with a 1 goal lead. He also actually had a couple nice plays in the offensive zone (one where he set up sharp, one where he fought off a defender behind the net and drew what should have been a penalty). I would like him to stay up since I think his offensive game will come. Even if it doesn't he is good enough defensively to put out there and not have to worry.

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