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10-27-2003, 04:06 PM
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[QUOTE=HotToddy]Communism is Communism, whether its Stalin's, Mao's or whomever's version. Its only logical end is degradation of humanity, mass graves and misery.

Wow, somebody has had their daily helping of propaganda:
"communism is bad, communism is evil, communism is bad....."


(and no I'm not a communist - lol, I'm a conservative)

But I know there are difference (and indeed there are) between what Marx and Engles wrote and to what Lenin and Stalin implemented (thats why Soviets called themselves Marxists/Leninist not just Marxists). And actually Mao was a great leader for his country - the only brutal things that happened under him happened because he was sick and wasn't even running the country, it was his not job wife and other advisers that were sending the little men with red books around - and they were hanged for it.

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