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10-14-2011, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by rabbit3119 View Post
I don't mean to argue or debate over what is essentially a irrelevant and moot point, but i'm still having trouble grasping that. On a team where after the first forward line, the rest are interchanging, I don't see how people could say that Maclean was only battling one player for a chance to crack the roster. I'm sure Maloney didn't tell Mac that O'Sullivan was the man to beat. Maclean, Tikhonov, POS, and Chip were all battling for 2 open roster spots. Even though you are saying that Maclean was battling for a job for in the top 9, I believe that had he made the team along with Chipchura, he still wouldn't have seen as much ice time as Chip.
I'd argue that our top three lines are more interchangeable than our bottom three (and at this point maybe only the 2nd and 3rd are really). Judging from GMDM's comments its sound like Mac was penciled in on the team and simply lost the spot, not that Sully was the only one he was fighting, but that Sully is simply the one who took it. As for whether or not Mac would have ultimately gotten ice time or not, in my view would have been up to him. Tip has been impressed with Boeds and bumped him up last game. Mac meanwhile was benched for the 3rd period last game in Winnipeg. Its early in the year so we'll see how it all plays out but as you said, its all pretty much moot at this point. Whats done is done.

As for Chip being sent down I think it has more to do with Noki's play as the fourth center than anything. Korpi's been moved back to wing which bumped Torres down to the fourth line. I'm guessing they felt Chip just wasn't going to see time right now so move him down and free up a roster spot in case we need it in the near future for anything (Turris, trade etc.)

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