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Originally Posted by glenn77 View Post
Couldn't believe this article:

Tremblay needs to go back under the rock he belongs!
The way both he and Ronald Corey ran this team into the ground during the 90's and he has the stones to speak out against Don Cherry?

Shut it Tremblay!

The only thing that needs to be put in the fire is anything relating to you. Tremblay truly is THE biggest mistake in a Habs jersey in the history of the team! Just even looking at his mug makes me wanna PUKE!
First, usually, people rant against Réjean Houle. Not Tremblay.

Second, Tremblay won as much Cups as Cherry did as a coach... And Cherry had much better teams on his hands.

Third, your rant is more against the very existence of Mario Tremblay, as a player (... a very good Hab, probably the least gifted to ever score 30 goals with us, and that's a compliment by the way), a broadcaster and a coach, than it is about the point he defend -- which is, basically, his former teammate Chris Nilan.

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